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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Almost Ready for Halloween!

It's been a crazy week -- full of preparations for Halloween as well as getting things organized for a big SF Etsy event. (Which came together very nicely, I'm glad to say! You can read about it here.) So I have lots of catch-up to do, everything from a crafting backlog piled up on the sewing table to laundry and dishes and blog posts!

So here's what we've been doing to get ready for Halloween!

Visiting the pumpkin patch...

"Here's the one I want, Mom!"

BJ picked a nice plump one.

The kids with their pumpkins! (Yes, we are learning what it means to "Smile for the camera!")

This little school-sponsored pumpkin patch is our family tradition, and the kids definitely remember it. (We had a special surprise of running into some old friends from BJ's playgroup while we were there, which was fun!) BJ was rarin' to go to check out the "haunted trail" and headed off on his own to explore. Here he is, way on the other side of the loop!

BB still likes to stay close, holding Daddy's hand.

On Sunday, we carved 'em up. BJ was surprised to find a sprouted pumpkin seed inside his pumpkin, pretty neat!

S and I did most of the digging out of the insides, then the kids drew on the faces.

I followed their lines with the carving. They helped by showing me what kind of expression they wanted the pumpkins to have.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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