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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple Playdate

Yesterday, BB's preschool friend M and his brother C joined us in appropriately autumnal fashion -- we had an Apple Playdate!

Better than apple bobbing....trying to bite an apple on a string! BB and M were especially entertained.
After watching for a while, C decided to join the bigger kids. BB insisted on "helping" him.

We did some apple prints (I'd initially forgotten how important it is to have an absolutely flat cut of the fruit, but we soon got the hang of it). This art-making is A Very Serious Business, as you can see. M had fun adding in some handprints as well.
Of course, it being fall, a little pumpkin decorating was in order as well. Apples and pumpkins, one of those classic seasonal pairs. Add in a lot of glitter glue, and you're good to go (to BB's mind, at least).
We've really been enjoying the company of these new friends, and it is especially sweet to see how well the three of them get along. Three can be a challenging number, but they do very well. C is just one class behind them, so the age difference is not all that great, and BB clearly considers both boys to be friends of hers. And I think spending the time together with preschool friends away from preschool has been helping BB enormously. She is so much more comfortable at school these days (thank goodness) and I'm feeling very hopeful that she's finally, finally turned the corner and decided that school is a good thing.

In fact, this week she announced, "Mom, you know what? I Love Preschool!" (For a while there, I thought we'd never hear that sentence spoken by my girl!) And I know that having good friends like M, and C, is really making much of that difference. Hooray for that!


cath c said...

that's great! i'm happy for your girl. that's the main [art of preschool, isn't? making friends.

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

i'm so happy for her, too, Cathy. it makes such a difference and is truly what it's all about at preschool. (if it goes well!)