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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BB's First Field Trip

Yesterday, BB's preschool class took a field trip to visit one of the physics professors on campus. BB had been very nervous about the idea of leaving school without me, so when they asked for some more chaperones I was glad to be able to volunteer. We had a really good time!

We learned a little bit about the crabs that Professor J is studying:

BB wanted to know why they didn't move very much. "Good question!" replied the prof. And all the kids were very concerned that he shouldn't get pinched by the one he's holding. (He didn't.)

We got to see "lightning" made by the static electricity generator (didn't manage to get a pic) and heard what physics is all about. (BB knew what gravity does! Think she's been paying attention to some of BJ's lectures!) Then, the highlight of the visit: making ice cream, the scientific way!

We added the ingredients to a big metal bowl...

Then stirred it up.... then added liquid nitrogen! Oooooh! The kids were definitely impressed.

Here's BB tasting her portion. Vanilla isn't her favorite flavor, so she didn't care for it too much and I got to finish the rest. Pretty yummy!

BJ was kind of jealous of the whole thing -- "Why didn't they do scientific field trips when I was in preschool???" -- but I thought it was really great that BB got to do something special like this. And while she clearly was glad to have my company, I think she would have been OK without me there. Here we are, stopping by the fountain on the walk back to school.

She's really at a much better place at school these days, and I'm sure this field trip will be one more good step along the path towards feeling completely comfortable during her preschool hours. Hooray for that!

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