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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

What a fun Halloween we had!

I started off the day by heading off to school with both the kids -- BJ as an astronaut, BB as Rapunzel, and I dressed up this year as well. It's like I met them in the middle! When your son is from outer space, and your daughter is a princess, they intersect at..... Princess Leia!

They were pretty pleased with how their costumes turned out. And the weather was perfect, so they didn't even have to do the turtleneck under the costume thing. (Or as my new friend M described it over the weekend, "the Midwestern Halloween Costume" -- you wear a big ol' parka and have people guess what you're dressed like underneath!) None of that needed here!

Of course BJ wanted to be sure to wear his helmet, but he was glad not to have to wear it all the time. Like on the way to school.

BB was so proud of her looooooong hair!

Here's the other princess all by herself... (Not too bad, eh? The costume was 3/4 thrift store plus new go-go boots, so quite economical all told. It's my own hair, too, with a little help. The hair made the look for sure.)

BB and I hung around at BJ's school long enough to watch his grade go through the Halloween parade.

Then BB and I went to her preschool. There were four Rapunzels in her class!

Enjoying a sweet after the trick or treating part of the parade...

With her friend M, who was (fittingly enough) Darth Vader. I saw a lot of Darth Vaders today, and I had lots of fun with it. (Though the most clever one was the kid in a Darth Vader costume, inside a cardboard mock up of the tow truck from Cars. Darth Mater. They were impressed enough with my costume to ask me to pose with their kid, which was fun.) I also told many people, "May the Force be with you," much to their delight. Happily, M was a friendly Darth Vader with no evil intentions.

We went to the carnival at BB's school, where her favorite thing was the temporary tattoo station. She definitely looked like a 21st century princess, with all the body art!

After a picnic, where we got lucky enough to see S as he walked by on his way to the office, we headed over with our friends for an ice cream Halloween treat (because there wasn't going to be enough sugar in the schedule, apparently?) which was enjoyed by all. Especially since it was dollar scoop Monday!

After school, I enforced a viewing of "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" just to give myself 20 minutes of downtime! (You KNOW it's a busy day when I ask the kids if they want to watch a video!) Then our friends L and T came over at dinner time to see the kids in costume. They couldn't stay long, but it was sweet of them to want to stop by. Right after dinner, we lit the jack-o-lanterns and headed out trick-or-treating!

It was fun for all of us to be dressed up -- S was doing a popular costume repeat, Steve from Blues Clues.

There's that hair again! (Actually, it held up pretty well throughout the day. Mine did too, thankfully.)

After about an hour's trick-or-treating, the kids decided they were too worn out for any more. Besides, their candy bags were full! (A definite advantage to using the very reasonably sized ones that my mom so kindly made for them a few years back. No pillowcases here!) So we headed home with two tired kids.
It was a very Happy Halloween. Hope yours was too!

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