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Monday, October 3, 2011

Ups and A Down

Quite the busy, full, rollercoaster weekend! Friday evening we had a very nice time at the family BBQ at BB's preschool, from which I had to leave early to head over to the mom's night out for BJ's cohort. I'd forgotten that I am pretty good at Bocce ball! A lot of fun chatting with some of the other moms and finding unexpected things in common (a fondness for Cake Wrecks, Italian sodas, and The Lord of The Rings, among other things). First time in quite a while that I'd been out past 10 pm with someone other than S. I'm already looking forward to the next MNO!

Saturday we went to the potluck party for S's department. Any potluck that has folks bringing freshly picked apples and figs with goat cheese is good by me! (Though not the most kid-friendly arrangement, I confess. We were able to remedy that a bit with our contribution of apples and caramel dip, which was a hit with BJ at least. BB didn't want anything to do with the caramel, but she was very fond of the apples.) Our host's 14-year-old daughter was very sweet with both the kids, and we may have found a new babysitter-in-training. Yay!

Saturday night, S had his weekly gaming session, which always makes him happy. It made for a Very Full Day, but in a good way.

Sunday, we cheered on the men's soccer team and soaked up some gorgeous sunshine (with just a hint of a chill -- rain today, at last fall is here!) First time we'd taken the kids to a sporting event like that, and it went really well. (BJ in particular was pleased that "our" team won, 2 to 0. Winning really matters to this kid. We're working on sportsmanship. Was a good thing for him to see the teams shaking hands at the end of the game, I think.) We'd hoped to be able to stay for the women's game, but the kids were getting squirrely by that point and we decided not to push our luck.

Instead we came home and did our weekly family movie time (BB chose Star Wars. Again.) and I did some work on an Exciting New Product Line for Mama's Magic Studio (hint: upcycled designer fabrics!) and the day took a detour into less-than-perfection with some regrettably passive-aggressive arguing between S and I (he'd forgotten about BJ's upcoming doctor's appointment, during which he'd said he'd be able to watch BB -- I got my knickers in a twist about the whole thing and it was pretty unpleasant for a while, until he lined up a sitter and resolved the situation. Sigh. Not at my best. Sorry S.) and clearly I'm not at my sharpest now either, or I wouldn't have constructed such an amazingly convoluted sentence!

But I have a good excuse for being less than sharp at the moment, and that's the big downer that ended the weekend: last night I got about 4 hours of sleep, not consecutively. BB was up at midnight with a bad dream, then at 2 am with vomiting; BJ had nightmares, and he was also complaining about being all congested from his "vasomotor rhinitis." (The upcoming doctor's appointment is for BJ to see an allergist, and we had to take him off all the allergy meds in preparation.) Happily, today BB has been able to keep down a light breakfast, lunch, and snack, and (knock wood) nobody else seems sick (yet) -- so if we're lucky it will be a short 24 hour flu thing for BB, and that's it. Fingers crossed!

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