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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Highlights, With Parentheses

I suspect that S and I might be crossing into "old married folks" territory (after all, we have been married 14 years, and known each other since 1990). Last night's rather impromptu "date night" consisted (quite satisfactorily) of a dinner (using a coupon) and browsing the thrift store for treasures (used kids books! a future ren faire costume for BB! season 1 of the Little House on the Prairie DVDs!) followed by the "let's drive around in search of pie" game. (We've actually played this game before, back when we were in Arizona, but I believe this is the first time we've played it in California. Though I do have vivid memories of playing "let's drive around in search of donuts" when we first arrived in this city, over 11 years ago now.) Closest thing to pie that we could find last night was lemon tart at Sugar Butter Flour in the Pruneyard. (Yummy, but not quite the Platonic Ideal of Pie that I'd hoped for. Then again, that ideal was formed by the little cafe on Mt. Lemmon that no longer exists.)

What I really would have liked to do was go swing dancing with my sweetie, but there was no way we had enough ducks in a row to pull that one off successfully. (In fact, I doubt we even had so much as a single duck, much less two to begin a row.) Mebbe someday.

Other fun from the weekend: BJ and I counted up the money he's been saving for his whale adoption fund, and he's at $96! I was amazed and he was downright shocked. He has only $29 to raise to reach his goal. (And a lovely side note: on Thursday, he took up his kindergarten teacher A on her offer to have him come do some chores in the classroom to earn some extra money -- a few weeks back, she'd heard about his adopt-a-whale project, donated $10 towards the cause, and made the offer -- so he cleaned tables and helped pick up the classroom for a whopping $2.50! Considering the kid makes a buck a week in allowance, that's not too shabby. And so sweet of A! I love her so much.)

Today we had a nice time at the girls' soccer game (plus our team won!) with lovely weather and both kids enjoying themselves.

Unfortunately, BB has a bit of a cold so has been kind of cranky today. But she was in a good mood at the game. Really, what's not to like when at the same time you're eating a churro? Especially one that as BB put it, "is bigger than my head!" (And yes, BB's and BJ's were the same size when they started. BB had maybe had three or four bites when I took that pic. BJ, considerably more, and his mouth was quite full when I took the picture!)

Both kids were feeling cuddly too (maybe the fact we were sitting in the shade had something to do with it) so we got the sticky-fingered snuggle time for sure.

I'm not much of a sports fanatic, but I've really been glad to go to these games. And today was especially fun -- It's really cool to see young women so strong and physically competent. That really is a change from my generation to this one. (See there, I really am feeling like an old lady tonight, talking about "My generation" and all that...) The goalie kept shouting "Aggressive! NO FEAR! Aggressive!!!" and it was a welcome counter-chant to the ultra-feminized gender stuff-n-junk that has been bugging me lately. Does my heart good, and interesting to observe that every single one of the members on "our" team (and most of those on the other team, too) had long, lovely hair (pulled back in a ponytail). So affirming to see obvious markers of femininity plus athletic strength is a do-able equation for these admirable young women.

Today's move night pick (BB's turn to select): The Lion King. The kids have probably seen this a dozen times now, which is a heckuvalot given how little media time they get. (We don't do TV.) Percentage-wise, it is now up there with the Herbie The Love Bug series. (Eclectic choices, I grant you. And just wait -- MST 3K will enter the picture at some point. Perhaps sooner rather than later -- the kids were asking about it today. "Mommy and Daddy, what's this movie?" Try explaining Joel and the Bots to a 4 yr old and a 6 yr old. Just try.)

Random for the record (because going from MST to The Onion is not that far of a leap, really): this totally made me think of BB and her walks along the beach. (Also S and that one time we were at Rehoboth Beach after a big winter storm and scored dozens and dozens of gorgeous shells. Was that really almost twenty years ago? See, I told you we're bordering old married folks territory....)

Last fun detail for tonight: tonight BJ got his first phone call from a "girl who is a friend." His friend E was calling to invite him to a playdate tomorrow during the inservice day off school. Very sweet. S answered the phone and it took him a good two minutes to figure out who E was and to understand that she was calling for BJ. This is actually the first non-family member to call for one of the kids ever. And of course E wanted to talk with BB too (this is the same E who had the sweet habit of picking BB up and spinning her around whenever she'd see us, much to BB's delight). We're very much looking forward to seeing her tomorrow, since we don't get as much of her company as we used to (she and BJ are now in different first grade classes).

Here's hoping the week is a productive one. I have my first (and so far, only) holiday craft show of the season in five weeks, and not nearly enough to show for it! Yikes!

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tierramor said...

Churros! Cute to see y'all in your sunglasses. I miss you!