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Monday, November 14, 2011

A Grateful A Day #14: Blogging

I wouldn't have predicted it a few years ago, but since starting this blog in 2007 I have become very grateful to be blogging. I passed my 1000 post mark some time back without even noticing it (in fact, I didn't realize it until just now, going back to confirm when I began this blog, and I noted that this will be post number 1099!) and while it initially felt strange and awkward to be doing this blogging thing, now it feels quite natural.

A dear friend of mine first suggested that I start a blog, and though it took me a long time to act on his advice, I'm very grateful that he made the recommendation. It's been a sanity-saver, for sure.

Or, as S puts it, he likes to read what I write here because he gets to see the "happy Jen" version of how my life is going. It's a good thing for me to consistently use that lens. And if nothing else, it has kept me writing for the past four years. It's "only" blogging, but at least it's something. Ever since finishing up that draft of the novel right before BJ was born, I have done very little writing other than blogging. I doubt I'll be starting another novel anytime soon (if ever) and I regret that my poetic muse has been all but silent for several years now. But I know that I'm happier and healthier when I'm writing regularly, so for now blogging fills that vital role for me.

When I don't blog, I miss it. It's fun to be going through my day and have those "I'm going to blog about this!" moments. I like being able to share sneak peeks of my work in progress and to write about my creative process (though I don't do that as often as I'd like, alas). It's prompted me to take more pictures of the kids, and I really value the family record that is emerging through these posts.

Speaking of family record, two weeks of gratitude posts have created a bit of a backlog in the family stuff! So here are some highlights:

BB and BJ have been getting along pretty well lately -- I snapped a pic of them hugging while BJ declared, "You're the BEST little sister in the WHOLE WORLD!" (BB had given BJ an extra piece of Halloween candy at snack time. Ah, sisterly love.)

Now that the autumnal evenings are a little chillier, BB has decided that her bedtime routine needed a little more of a cozy touch -- including a "nightcap." (Never mind that really what this means is more stuff to remove when she gets into bed, since most nights she still usually sleeps without anything on.) As you can see, Nana, she loves her robe!

BJ is a confirmed Angry Birds fan now. This has been developing ever since I got my iPad for my birthday, but now most days he starts off his morning with 15 minutes of Angry Birds. (It's a great motivator, actually: he isn't allowed any "iPad time" until he eats breakfast, brushes teeth and hair, washes his face, uses the toilet, and gets dressed. All this needs to happen without fussing to "earn" those precious 15 minutes. I'm not usually in favor of Pavlovian reward-based parenting, but in this case it usually works like a charm.) A few days ago, he finished the last level of the full version of Angry Birds, much to his delight. And, in typical BJ fashion, he decided that he wanted to re-create Angry Birds so he could play it "for real." So he got going with the construction paper and scissors....

Add in some Heroscape tiles for a background...

Of course it was important to accurately represent each of the birds(the big red one is his favorite, I'm told) along with the piggie characters. That one on the bottom isn't frowning, I was informed; it's Mr. Moustache.

Then genius struck: add in blocks!
He had fun with this for hours over the weekend. Good times.

I've been spending a lot of time at my sewing machine, so it isn't too surprising that BB asked if we could do a sewing project together. I asked her what she might want to do -- decided a quilt would take too long -- settled on making a scarf for her. She sat beside me and controlled the foot pedal. "Just like at Giki's house, Mom!"

We used some fleece fabric that I had on hand. She surprised me by not choosing pink! "I have a lot of pink already, Mom. I would like blue and white and purple!" I didn't have enough purple to do an entire side, so we decided to do a little applique heart accent. Here it is in progress.

And here she is modeling the finished product! (Yes, I did tell her to smile!)

Thanks again, K, for nudging me towards starting this blog all those years ago. I'm very glad I did!

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