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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Grateful A Day #17: The Teeny-Tiny Frying Pan

Thursday nights are usually "Breakfast for Dinner" night in the Mama's Magic household. S is not a fan of mixing up the mealtime paradigms like that, but on Thursdays he has to work late, so with it being just me and the kids for dinner most Thursdays, we've made it our little tradition. I typically serve some fruit, some sort of carb (waffles, pancakes, or sometimes cinnamon rolls), and eggs for protein.

The kids like their eggs scrambled. I prefer mine fried. I also really dislike lukewarm fried egg, so making a fried egg first and then scrambling some for them is not an option. Scrambling first then cleaning the pan so I can fry an egg afterwards? Takes too much time. And I really dislike dirtying two frying pans just to fry up an egg. This means that most Thursday nights I would settle for scrambled eggs because it was easier to eat the same thing that the kids would eat.

Then, while shopping at Safeway, I saw the cutest little teeny-tiny frying pan. It was $5. "Oh, how cute!" I thought. Then I thought, "But do you really need it?" No, I concluded. I do not. You know you're committed to frugal living when five bucks can seem like just a little too much for an impulse buy like that. I actually didn't buy it the first time I saw it.

But then, on the next Thursday night as I was standing at the stove scrambling the eggs, I realized: if I had the teeny-tiny frying pan, I could fry myself an egg At The Same Time as scrambling the ones for the kids, and not have two big dirty pans to wash, and have hot eggs for everybody! Brilliant! Did I suddenly need this teeny-tiny pan? No! But did I want it? YES!

It's really rather ridiculous how happy it makes me to use this teeny-tiny frying pan. But now that I have it, every Thursday night, I'm smiling at the stove and very grateful that I spent those five bucks.

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