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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Grateful A Day #20: Customers

I'm so grateful to those many folks who have seen my Handmade Magic and valued it enough to purchase it! It still gives me a jolt of pride and pleasure to realize that other people will pay me money to own the things I make. I get such joy out of making my crafts; it's a very lovely thing that I can earn something from the things my hands make. A big thank you to all my customers, whose support allows me to keep doing what I love!

Today I had a table at my first holiday craft show of the season (and perhaps my only one this year; I haven't signed up for any other ones at this point and may well not do so, we'll see). I was at the Jingle Fest fair in San Jose, and I'm delighted to say that it went really well. A nice mix of booths at the show, got to see many of my SF Etsy teammates, and happily there were many customers as well. Hooray for that!

It was fun to have several new items on the table. My sewn paper garlands were very popular. They are such fun to make!
I was puzzled how to package them for a while -- needed to keep them from tangling, but wanted them to be visible -- and didn't want to just buy a bunch of plastic bags. Then I realized I had a bag full of bags I'd been saving, and I had a bunch that were the perfect size, with cardboard inserts too! A little snipping and wrapping, print out some labels, and I had recycled packaging that looked pretty good, though I say it myself. The customers seemed to agree, which is always nice.

Lots of eco-friendly fun going on at my table this year. I had eco-friendly flower rings and brooches made from upcycled fabrics, with vintage buttons from my grandmother's collection.
I also had the eco-friendly Shabby Chic Christmas trees, which I'd posted originally about here. I'd made them from FabMo fabrics and more of grandmother's buttons. (FabMo is a local resource that recycles designer fabrics which would otherwise end up in the landfill. It's such a great organization!) They can hang as ornaments or stand independently. Lots of oohs and aahs over them, which is gratifying.

More FabMo fun: the little wristlet purses that I'd been working on earlier this month. I even had one customer who recognized the pink and green fabric as FabMo fabric, said she had some of the same fabric at home! Love those little synchronicities.

It's so nice to have my grown-up time (and what a lovely treat to have S visit with the kids for a little while, so they can see that Mommy does do work that earns money, not just hanging out with them all the time!) and so rewarding to earn that money from things I've made. Thank you, customers! Without you, Mama's Magic Studio could not exist.
Many of these items are not yet listed in my Etsy shop, because I haven't had time to take the pictures and write the descriptions and do all the work involved in putting them for sale online. I'm not sure I'll have time to get everything listed soon -- if there's something you see that you'd like me to work on listing first, by all means let me know in the comments! I love my customers, love hearing from you, and welcome your feedback.


Ashley said...

Hi Jen,

Beautiful artwork/pieces. I recently started a blog and you gave me an idea to take some time to elaborate on my more creative side through diverse artwork, but not as detailed as your own or for sale, yet, anyway. Best wishes in all your creative endeavors!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

thank you, Ashley, for your kind words about my work! Best wishes to you too -- off to visit your blog now :-)