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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Grateful A Day #22: Cleanliness/Godliness

So glad to have a clean home tonight (after much work!) and realizing again how much outer chaos connects to inner malaise. If Godliness is that sense of inner peace, and a clean and orderly environment helps me achieve such a mental state, perhaps cleanliness truly is neighborly with Godliness.

Or perhaps that sense of peace is merely the knowledge that I do not have to go grocery shopping tomorrow, since I did so today! Since BJ was well enough to go to school (thankful for that for sure!) I was able to get that errand done today. Whew!

At any rate, I am very grateful that the apartment (including my studio area!) is all cleaned up. Hope it stays that way through Thursday, when the rest of our Thanksgiving guests arrive! Nana J came in this morning, and we are all looking forward to a very nice holiday. I hope you are too!

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