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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Grateful A Day #26: Traditions. And A Good Step Stool

Two essentials for a happy holiday season in the Mama's Magic household:

Traditions. And a Good Step Stool.

Definitely two things to be thankful for!

On Friday (of Black Friday Fame) we were very content to stay home all day, avoid the consumerist madness, and work on one of our favorite holiday traditions: trimming the tree! We'd thought for a while about going back to a live tree, but we decided to stick with our artificial tree for another year. Besides, it's the one the kids know and like. (And in all honesty, much as I prefer a real tree, I like this one too. In my book, if you're gonna go fake, go FAKE.)

You can definitely tell that it's a TDBK (Tree Decorated By Kids) but that's OK by me. I don't need a designer-level, perfectly orchestrated decoration scheme. Decorated by kids is where we are and I like it that way.

It's fun to see that the kids are remembering other traditions as well. BB requested that we make ice cream cone Christmas trees again, which was lots of fun.


And I enjoyed getting out the tinsel and lights and hanging up Grandma's quilt. We didn't do much decorating last year, since we were going to be at Yosemite for the holiday, so it was really nice to glitz up the apartment a bit.

Definitely activities for that step stool!

(All through my childhood, I recall my mom saying "In my next life, I'm coming back two inches taller." Sometimes I really sympathize with that statement. Other times, I figure, hey, all you really need is a good step stool! Which I finally have, now. For which I am most grateful.)

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