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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Grateful A Day #27: Kittens!

I've always been a cat lover. Embarassing confession time: for quite a while as a kid, I tried to get people to refer to me by the nickname "JenCat," an attempt that never really succeeded. (Which is probably for the best.) About that same time, I experienced great joy upon realizing that llicense plates in my home state had six characters -- which happened to be the exact same number of characters in the word JENCAT! -- and I was convinced that when I was All Grown Up And Sixteen Years Old I would have the perfect vanity plate.

Needless to say, when I was a teenager this idea had less appeal than I had imagined it would.

In spite of never getting a vanity plate of any kind, I remained a fan of felines. I've always had cats for pets, and I miss my dear departed kitties very much.

So it was a real treat when our friend L invited us over to see her almost-three-week-old kittens. They are fostering a litter of six wee ones, whose mother had died after giving birth. Talk about adorable little fuzzballs!

There were two girls and four boys: Cali and Shelly, and Smoky, Dylan, Thomas, and Stormy. Here's BB with Cali in her lap and BJ with one of the grey boys (I think it might have been Stormy).

My kids had never seen kittens this small. They will be three weeks old tomorrow, so they were just learning how to walk! They were definitely enchanted.


BB with Cali.
BB with a lap full of kitten love, and grinning like crazy. Three little kittehs in that pile!

BJ liked to lay down and let one of them (maybe Dylan?) crawl all over him.

S with one of the black boys, not sure which one. He was pretty charmed as well by all that fuzzy cuteness.

L and her family are doing an amazing job with these little ones. They are bottle feeding them every 4-6 hours (having graduated from tube feeding!) and all six babies are thriving. I was really impressed with how caring and knowledgeable L was as a substitute mommy kitty -- this is exactly the kind of thing that I dreamed about back when I wanted to be known as JenCat, but the truth is I wouldn't have known the first thing about how to care for teeny tiny kittens (did you know you have to help them pee and poo? I didn't!) and even now as a relatively competent pet owner, all this was way out of my skill set. Really neat to see them doing so well, though L (who I met through my mom's group, and who is now having some sleep-deprived new-mom flashbacks!) is understandably looking forward to the kittens being more independent and not needing round the clock care!

Here's one of the little ones taking a bottle. Note that BB is already scheming...


What a nice visit we had -- thanks, L! -- and the kids are eager to come back when the kittens are a little older. They'd both chosen a toy (BB a ball and BJ a felt mouse) to bring on our visit, and the kittens were clearly not yet at that playful point in their development. But soon enough, they will be!

I'm very glad I live in a world in which there are kittens. And cats! Definitely something for the gratitude list!

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