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Monday, November 28, 2011

A Grateful A Day #28: Technology. And the Off Switch

It's a mixed blessing, but something I'm very thankful for -- all this technology that enriches our lives. I've spent much of the day toggling between emails and catching up on the blog and stepping away from the computer to play card games with BB before dashing off another email. (I am organizing volunteers for the SF Etsy staffing of the Etsy booth at Bazaar Bizarre this weekend -- a great opportunity, but one involving lots of last-minute details and LOTS of email correspondence! BTW I'll be there on Sunday, so if you're local and at the fair, come by the Etsy booth and say hello!) So many of my quotidian tasks are accomplished through technological help -- at least once a week, I end up doing a Google search to answer one of BJ's questions! I am on email and various sites on a daily basis, I use Facebook (I also tweet a little, but not a lot) and of course there is my Etsy shop!

And while we eschew the television and I've steadfastly refused to get a smartphone, which makes me less technologically connected than I might be, we are hardly luddites around here. I heart my iPad, and I'm thoroughly grateful for the Internet, in all its idiot savant glory.

But I'm also very thankful that it all has an off switch. And that I use it. Those times when I walk away from the screen and turn off the devices are thoroughly necessary and gratifying. Especially when children are involved.

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