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Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Grateful A Day #5: Plenty

Very high on my gratitude list is the fact that we as a family have enough -- more than enough, in truth. We have plenty. We are not (and likely will never be) rich by the standards of Silicon Valley; as a college professor and a stay at home mom with a small business, we just aren't in the same league as many of the folks out here where we live. We will never be in the "latest iPhone, largest mansion, newest Prius" crowd.

But that's quite fine by us. Sure, I have my moments of house envy when we visit friends who own large, lovely residences and I come home to our little three bedroom, two bath apartment. But we have plenty. And most of the time I am fully aware of that. We have a comfortable place to live, abundant healthy food at every meal, all the household essentials. S has a good, steady job. (No small thing in these uncertain times.) I have the opportunity to be home with the kids. Sure, that takes sacrifice (that's much of why we're in a three bedroom apartment!) but even so, we have plenty. We can splurge from time to time without feeling too guilty. We have plenty of books, plenty of toys, plenty of clothes. We have everything we need, and much of what we want. We are blessed with plenitude.

Most importantly, we have a lot of time together and plenty of love. We have plenty, and for that I am grateful.

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