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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Kittens

All day, I've been almost as excited as the kids -- but I've had to hide it, so as not to give away the secret. We adopted two wee kittens for Christmas!

Remember my friends who had the tiny kittens, the ones we visited at the end of November? (I blogged about it here.) Yes, it was all part of the plan. Ever since our dear Butchie passed away, I've been saying that the next kittens would arrive at the right time. So when my friend L told me they were fostering a pregnant cat, whose kittens would be ready for adoption right around Christmas, I started wondering if these kittens might be the ones for us.

After another visit to see them, after talking everything over with S, after consulting with L about which pair of siblings might do best, and after a top-secret visit to the vet to be sure the kittens were healthy... we finally decided: a little girl cat called Shelly and a little boy cat called Stormy would be part of our family for Christmas. (Those are the "starter names" that the foster family gave them -- we may give them different names, we'll see.)

Once the decision was made, the plans had to be finalized. Thankfully, L and her family were able to be around tonight for me to come by and pick up the little fuzzballs. They'd been raised by hand by an amazing foster family -- L, her sister J (who used to cat sit for Socksie and Butchie) and L's partner K -- and I'm so very grateful for the fantastic job they did helping these kittens thrive. They are so comfortable around people and just could not be sweeter.

When I got them home, they waltzed out of the cat carrier and started to check things out. Shelly led the way, with Stormy close behind. Shelly's the one with some white markings -- it looks for all the world like she dipped her front paw in some paint and then accidentally swiped it across her nose. Too cute!
What's up here?
Oh, this is fun!

Tails in the air, obviously at ease, they wanted to play right away.
Feathers!?! They have FEATHERS here??? We LOVE feathers!!!

Can I climb up your leg?

After a little play and a little nosh (using the two dishes that their foster dad K made for them, of course) they settled back onto the shelf where we keep the towels.

Soon, both were asleep.

I am beyond excited to share this secret with the kids tomorrow morning!!! I've written a little book called The Christmas Kittens, which I'll read to the kids -- which will tell the story of Shelly and Stormy and how they came to live with us, complete with photos of the kittens and the kids with them (when we went to visit, sneaky huh?) -- I think the surprise will go over quite well!

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