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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

What a nice Christmas Eve! We were very busy getting ready for the big day. Nana J arrived in the morning, and she was a big help. We made our traditional gingerbread cookies (which made S very happy -- I'd really cut down on the amount of holiday baking I did this year; no baklava; but he specifically requested his favorite cookies, and I was happy to oblige). Nana and the kids did most of the decorating.

BB and I did most of the mixing and baking of the cookies. She was a great kitchen helper!

BJ was busy with other important things: tracking Santa's location through the NORAD Santa tracker!

After the cookies were made, BB had one more important thing she wanted to do: get her nails done in Christmas colors. Nana was happy to help.

Both the kids were so excited -- and we were worried for a bit that BJ might be sick on Christmas day, since he'd been throwing up on the evening before Christmas Eve. That seems to be something he ate, though, since it was a one-time thing, no fever, and (thankfully) nobody else is sick.

Nice side effect of that, though: he ended up watching It's a Wonderful Life with S and I because he was having trouble sleeping due to the tummy troubles. It's our annual holiday tradition (since way back when in the early 90's when I saw it for the first time with S) and we'd been wondering when it might be appropriate to show it to the kids, figuring it would probably not interest them all that much. Turns out BJ really enjoyed it! And BB felt "left out" the morning after, so we let her watch it as well -- and while she wasn't as engrossed as BJ had been, both of them seemed very pleased to have taken part on this family holiday tradition. Now I'm looking forward to watching it as a family next year!

Finally, finally, after the long day's wait, the kids got ready for bed. Here they are in their new Christmas Eve pajamas (the one gift that we let them open up on Christmas Eve):

We put out the cookies for Santa and the veggies for the reindeer....

Settled in to read The Night Before Christmas....
And after the kids were in bed (falling asleep pretty quickly, actually) S and I finished wrapping presents and getting them under the tree...
And then, once that was ready, I headed out for my big Christmas Eve surprise: to pick up our two new kittens! That's right --we're getting KITTENS for CHRISTMAS! It's been a big secret, so big I didn't even want to post about it in case that gave something away.

More on that in the next post!

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