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Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Party and Visit to Santa

Today BB and I went to the potluck holiday party in BJ's first grade classroom. Such fun!

We had a yummy lunch, and BJ enjoyed having us there in the classroom. It was cute to see him showing BB around and making sure to save her a seat next to him at the table. Many of the girls in BJ's class had dressed up for the party, and one of them commented that none of the boys had dressed up. BJ piped up, "Not true! I dressed up!" He was very happy to have worn the cute Christmas outfit that Nana picked out for him. (Thanks, Nana!)

After the potluck, we went outside for a bit of recess. The kids went out together hand in hand (alas I didn't get a pic of that!) and climbed all over the play structure together.

It's so sweet to see how BJ watches out for his little sister whenever she's at school with him. Previews of things will be next year, I think! They are both growing up so fast. Here's BB exploring the "balance beam" perimeter of the playground.

After recess, I took BJ out of school a little early so that we could take care of a very important item on the holiday to-do list: visit Santa Claus!

BJ asked for "a big stuffed snake" (he'd seen them at Happy Hollow a few months back and really, really wanted one; I told him to ask for one for Christmas and he sure remembered!) and BB asked for either a Princess Leia doll or a Rapunzel doll. In our family, we get to ask Santa for one gift, and up until a few weeks ago, BB had said she'd be asking for a Rapunzel doll. Then she changed her mind and said she wanted a Princess Leia doll. Being a savvy mom, I encouraged BB to be sure that she gave Santa a back up plan in case he couldn't find a Princess Leia doll. We'll see what Santa is able to bring!

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