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Monday, December 19, 2011

Teacher Time with A

Today we got together with BJ's kindergarten teacher for some special together time.

To say the kids were excited would be quite the understatement. We had won this "teacher time" at the school auction, much to BJ's delight. He really has a special bond with A and misses being in her class. The "teacher time" was for two kids, and we'd considered inviting one of BJ's friends, but in the end we decided it would be fun to include BB. Once we explained what it was all about, she was pretty excited too!

A started their special time together by taking the kids to a local Petroglyph studio to paint some pottery.

BB painted a mermaid and BJ painted a shark.

When BJ was done with his shark, he also helped A with some gingerbread ornaments that she was painting.

I did a little shopping while the kids painted their ceramics, and then I joined them for lunch. BB asked me to do a little touch up on her mermaid to finish things up -- it was a pretty detail-oriented, challenging project that she'd chosen! She really enjoyed it, but she was especially nervous to do the face herself, so I helped out a bit.

We had pizza for lunch and then visited the candy shoppe. BJ got a huge gummy snake candy and some Angry Birds gummies, and BB got a fairy lollipop and a little dalmation stuffy. A, being her thoughtful self, insisted that we should choose something to bring home to S so he wouldn't feel left out, so we got him some of his favorite German raspberry candies.

What a special day! Thanks, A!

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