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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Time with Tia!

What a great way to spend a day of Winter break -- visiting CuriOdyssey with Tia M!

It was a lovely December day (if a bit chilly) and the kids were thrilled to have some time with their Tia. They practically tackled her when she arrived!
We got to see all sorts of neat exhibits...

local wildlife... like this beautiful bobcat
snakes (much to BJ's delight)

some waterfowl...
an eagle (thought of you, Dad!)


they even had banana slugs! (this one's for you, Mom! They really do exist!)

After the museum/zoo, we had a little picnic and explored the grounds a bit.
Of course the kids loved asking Tia about all the nature stuff -- she's our resident expert! Here she's telling BJ about the eucalyptus buttons.

What a fun day! Thanks, Tia, for the invitation! We'll hope to see you again soon.

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