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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

100 Days of First Grade and Fun with Sharkie

Today is BJ's 100th day of first grade. Where the heck is the time going to? (Mom, you were right. It just gets up and gallops.)

For his 100 day project he brought in a baggie full of one hundred mini-marshmallows. And though he amazingly waited until the end of the day to eat any, as agreed (he insists this is the case and I believe him) I didn't manage to get a picture. He came home and ate all but about a dozen in one sitting.

Yes, this week I'm that kind of mom. Eat all the marshmallows you want, kid. (Truly, there were less than a cup's worth, not all that much. It's easier to have this kind of attitude with him because he's equally likely to eat all the sliced red peppers or sliced mushrooms that he wants.)

Today BB wanted to do some of her "Fun with Sharkie." She had two things she wanted to do: Trader Joe's and the park. First, we took Sharkie to TJ's to hunt for Sharkie. (Believe me, she wouldn't have wanted to go there if it weren't for Sharkie!)
For once, we didn't have to circle the store twice to find Sharkie! Spotted him right away in the refrigerated aisle, peeking out from inside a shirt in the decor.

The store employees were pretty amused by it all.

After the store, we headed to the park. She had a great time on the slide with Sharkie!

It had been a while since we'd had a morning at the park. We should do that more often.

Other families have taken Sharkie to Disneyland, to Happy Hollow Zoo, on airplanes... this may be as exciting as things get for our Adventures with Sharkie. We'll see. BB seemed pleased, at any rate, and that's what matters! Now I get to document everything for the class book...

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