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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: A Year for Practice, Imperfection, and Play

For New Year's, I'm not making any resolutions. Instead, I'm trying on a few words for the year.

Practice -- I will practice more. From guitar practice to practicing patience. I will focus more on my crafting practice, honing and learning skills, and focus less on finished product (though I have a feeling the product will come with the practice). I will work more with practical applications and less with theoretical imaginings. I will pay attention to my habits, improving the beneficial ones and leaving behind the ones that don't serve me well. I will practice what I preach, including more sleep, more writing, better eating... all of that fits in. Exercise is a synonym here, and in the usual yearly style I make the commitment to do more of that too.

Imperfection -- I will embrace this. I am a perfectionist, which has its benefits, but too often it gets in the way. This year I will not strive to be perfect. I won't berate myself (or others) for imperfections. Practice fits in well here -- instead of aiming for perfection, the perfect end result, I will focus on the practice, the method, the means of getting there, and allow the end result to be less than perfect.

Play -- I will play more. With my kids. With my husband. With my friends. Play goes hand in hand with practice and imperfection. It's nearly impossible to play when focused on being perfect. Practice can be play, should be play at least some of the time -- that's where creativity thrives. I'll take the time to play more, to be in the moment of play, to run around after the soccer ball, to enter the pretend worlds of fairies and adventurers, to sit down at a board game with my sweetheart, to laugh and tumble with the kids.

This year, I won't try to lose weight, or set unrealistic goals, or make resolutions that will be abandoned in a matter of weeks. I will practice. I will be imperfect. I will practice imperfectly! I will play. And I plan to have a lot of fun with it all!


alankarshilpa said...

I like what you said. I had been thinking about resolutions like every body else around this time and came across an interesting book named the Happiness Book.

I don't think I agree with her 100% but it is worth a look. I have written about it in my blog and I am going to add your link after that as it makes sense. Thank you, and HAPPY NEW YEAR. Dita

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Thank you, Dita! that's funny that you'd mention Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project -- I am a huge fan! it's got lots of great advice and perspective in there.

happy new year to you too!

tierramor said...

I like it!