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Sunday, January 22, 2012

BB's 5th Birthday Party -- with Rapunzel!

Yesterday, BB had her birthday party. She'd requested that a princess come to her party this year, and art is one of BB's favorite things, so we settled on an Art Party with Rapunzel. (Tangled is very popular this year and definitely one of BB's favorites!) Here are the two princesses!

Hard to believe my baby will be 5 this week!

Plan A had been to have things here at the apartment as an indoor-outdoor party. We'd invited her entire preschool class, and with 12 kids at the party we wanted to be sure there was room for all. Rapunzel was scheduled to do a magic show for us, and we needed a place where all the kids could sit down to see her show, so we figured that part would be outdoors.

Alas, after weeks of unseasonably warm weather, on Thursday it turned cold and rainy. Plan B time!

We'd reserved a classroom in our building as a back up location, and actually I think it worked out even better to just keep everything in the one room. We moved around the furniture to create a crafts station, a food station, and a face painting station, and we decorated the classroom a bit as well. BB had made "lanterns" to hang around (in homage to the glowing lanterns from Tangled). We also had a craft station for kids to make their own paper lanterns (complete with a glow stick to make them glow!) and of course we made good use of the chalkboards.

Since it was an art party, we encouraged the kids to draw with colored chalk ("just like Rapunzel decorates the walls of her tower!) and BJ especially loved this idea. He got right to work on a solar system.

Rapunzel was very impressive, I have to say. She had a very sweet and gentle demeanor with the kids, encouraging them to join her for face painting or balloon animals without being pushy.

BB had her face painted with a mermaid, flowers, and a butterfly.

Note the "fancy hair" -- to get ready for the party, she'd selected two handfuls of hair pretties and asked me to use them all. I did my best!

Here is BB with her dear friend C and their matching face paint.

Rapunzel's magic show was very cute. She told the kids that there was special magic all around because it was a special day, BB's birthday! They made things appear and disappear and pulled magic colors from their clothes to decorate (and erase) a magical coloring book. She also had her "helper" bunny puppet, Miss Rabbit. The kids were enchanted.

After the magic show, we had cake. (What's a kids' birthday party without cake?) Of course BB wanted Rapunzel on it with long, long hair. She also wanted it to be an art cake and to have a tower. Kind of a tall order. Happily, our go-to bakery was very willing to work with us. They included a Rapunzel figurine, a cutout castle with the words "Paint the World with Imagination" and they put frosting "paintbrushes" on the cake. Finishing touch: Rapunzel's yellow hair running all around the edge.

It was a white cake was chocolate mousse frosting and filling, quite yummy actually (and I'm not a big fan of cake). Rapunzel helped us serve the cake and sing to BB.

Note BJ having his balloon cobra "help" with the candles (I was just waiting for it to end up in the frosting -- happily it didn't.)

At the end, we got all the kids together for a group picture with Rapunzel. (Yes, I am my dad's daughter.)

And to finish things off, Rapunzel gave BB her gift, which we'd actually wrapped up for her to give -- since BB had asked for a Rapunzel book, we thought it would be extra-special to have the princess herself give it to her.
One final "princess pose" and the party was coming to a close!

The birthday girl was very pleased with her party!

Happy almost-birthday, BB!

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