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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kitten Company

We're establishing new house habits and rules as the kittens have been growing. They can now do things like jump from the chair to the dining room table -- as I discovered when I came back to my breakfast to find my tea sloshed all over the table! (Thank goodness whomever it was didn't burn a paw! I like my tea very hot.) I've long been wanting to break the kids of their habit of "saving it for later" and leaving plates of leftovers on the table, so this is a perfect motivator. Also getting us in the habit of pushing in our chairs, since at this point they are less likely to make it to the table if the chairs are all the way in.

Though even if they can't make it to the table, they love the chairs. This week, they discovered the fun of racing round and round underneath the table, on the chair cushions. And BB is enormously tickled by the fact that they will jump up and try to sit beside her while she's eating her snack. Doing our best to discourage this...

The bottom line is, these two have no shyness at all about giving us kitten company, whether we really want it or not.

They absolutely insisted on getting up in my lap when I was catching up on some email a few days ago when I took this pic. Actually, Shelly got up there first (the names Shelly and Stormy seem to be sticking so far) and her brother did laps around the computer chair, mewing, until I picked him up and showed him that he could cuddle up on my lap as well. Definitely made it a little more challenging to type, but worth it for the cuteness factor. (Shelly is working her way into my lap even as I type this, actually, with Stormy right behind her!)

Turns out the computer chair is a general favorite for them. They climbed up behind BJ earlier today while he was working on his computer zoo.

Of course any time you're on the couch, you should consider yourself fair game for kitten cuddles.

This includes when I'm practicing guitar.

And by the time I finished typing this, both kittens were curled up in my lap, quite content. Nothing quite like kitten company.

1 comment:

tierramor said...

Love that last pic - perfectly beautiful! I can't wait to hear a song! And I will say Hi to the moon for you next time I see her rising...