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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Too Cute!

We continue to have a lot of fun with our newest additions to the household -- the kittens are growing and changing by the day. They have now had their first round of vaccinations, and the girl had grown to 2.3 pounds while her brother was coming in at 2 pounds (both in normal range for growth). We might have settled on new names for them: Dilly (for the boy) and Dally (for the girl). What do you think?

Here's Dally/Shelly looking adorable (and also like she has an enormous kitten head). She's getting more and more white markings on her face and belly, and I'm seeing some striping in her coat as well. I might just end up with that tabby after all!
Here she is, discovering the fun of playing with the doorstop. You can see that white on her chest and paw.

Soon thereafter, Dilly/Stormy decided that he needed to check out the doorstop as well. And it was so interesting, he fell asleep next to it. Sunny spot + kitten = sleepy kitten!

They are definitely finding their favorite cuddle spots. The "cat condo" is very popular, particularly when the window is open to let in the sunshine.

That's Dally/Shelly in the foreground with her paws on Dilly/Stormy.
C'mere and gimme a hug!

And time for some kitty kisses, too. See those stripes I was talking about? So interesting to see how they are changing!

The pet bed is a good snuggle spot, too. First time I've ever had a pet who actually Slept In The Bed Purchased For Such Activities -- much less TWO of them. Cats who follow directions. Amazing.

They are also really good at snuggling with us, particularly BB and me -- though I've not managed to get many pictures of myself with them, and BB is in a clothing-optional stage for most of her time in the apartment. Since I won't post nekkid pics of my kids, you'll have to trust me that I have some pretty danged adorable pictures of BB getting kitten cuddles!


Handmade Whimzy said...

I love reading your blog. I especially loved the Christmas entry about the kittens and your children and updates on the kittens.
My cat is 14 years old and it's fun to remember how sweet she was as a baby. Now she's just kind of cranky.

cath c said...

so cute!

tierramor said...

Soo cyoot! I still like Stormy and Shelly better, in part because I think each name stands alone more. But whatever their names end up, I'm sure they'll have lovely long lives and bring you lots of joy!!!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

oh, thank you all so much! and it looks like Stormy and Shelly might be sticking... so much fun we're having with them.