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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BB's Five Year Checkup and the Family Plague Ship

On Monday, BB had her Five Year Checkup, and she was such a good kid at the doctor's office! She had vision and hearing tests (vision 20/25, hearing totally fine), all the usual prods and patience-testing doctor stuff, and then she had to have three shots and her TB test! She was so brave. She didn't flinch once. After the appointment, all day long she was telling me how brave she was. So proud of my girl! And she's getting so big: 47.4 pounds and 43 and 3/4 inches tall. Wow!'

On Tuesday, BB woke up feeling sick, so she stayed home from preschool. BJ also woke up with a bit of a cough and not feeling so well (after S had been down for the count all weekend -- even cancelled class on Friday, which is really unlike him!) but it was the day for the play's tech rehearsal, so he really wanted to try to go to school. S was feeling much better, and so he headed in for his turn to volunteer in BJ's classroom. Unfortunately, BJ got to feeling worse and worse, and so at noon when S was done volunteering, BJ came home from school early. Had to miss tech rehearsal.

BJ was home from school again today, bad cough and fever. Not much fun dragging them both to Kaiser to get BB's TB test checked -- the good news is she's totally clear for TB (not surprising) -- but happily they were both pretty patient. Other than our trip to Kaiser, we hunkered at home and watched movies and just tried to get through the day, because I got to feeling pretty lousy. I hate it when our household starts to resemble a plague ship!

Hopefully we'll all be healthy again very soon....