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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Best Laid Plans

I suppose it's a good thing that Valentine's Day isn't particularly dear to our hearts around here. Neither S nor I have ever done a whole lot to celebrate the holiday. (It feels more than a little commercialized to both of us.) But since my parents were in town, we'd thought we might take the opportunity to go out to celebrate, just the two of us.

Three weeks ago, we lined up reservations at Tee Nee Thai, one of our favorite local restaurants. (We'd looked into going dancing somewhere, but all the places we could find were either Not Our Scene or up in SF, too far for a Tuesday night.) We were promised a very "special table," since we were their first reservations for Valentine's Day, and we were excited to try their special holiday menu. With pats on the back for planning ahead, we congratulated ourselves for not overdoing things but having something decided and settled.

Fast forward to last week, when we were driving by the restaurant and noticed the windows were boarded up. First we thought they'd moved recently, since we drive by there frequently and hadn't noticed the boards before. But why wouldn't they have mentioned that when we made the reservations? When I called them to see what might have happened, there was no answer. Thank you Google for the sad information that they'd had a fire.... and so our Valentine's dinner out was not meant to be. By the time we figured it all out, it was really too late to line up another reservation elsewhere. And given that the kids are still not 100% healthy and now my parents and I seem to be sick as well, it's probably for the best.

So we settled for Valentine's at home with the family. I decided to make heart-shaped ginger cookies for a sweet treat (one of S's favorites). For dinner, baked ziti -- except I forgot to turn on the oven to bake it. Sigh. Microwaved ziti was a second-best but edible solution.

At least the kids were happy with their Valentine's Day. BJ and BB both enjoyed exchanging Valentines with their classmates, came home with candy and treats, were happy to see the chocolate assortments that we had bought for them, and were Very Excited by the gifts from Pop-Pop and Giki: for BB, two Angry Bird's stuffies.
I think she was a little jealous about the ones they'd given BJ at the start of their visit -- could be because he was SO very thrilled to have them.)

And for BJ, a set of Ramona books. He was pretty thrilled to have them, too.

Tears of joy upon receiving books as a gift? That's my boy. (He'd been asking for these books for weeks and weeks, ever since his teacher started reading them as the afternoon reading aloud choice. I think being home for a week and missing some of the books was harder on him than not being around his friends!)

He was up until 10:30 pm reading Beezus and Ramona (from start to finish, took him an hour and a half) just giggling the entire time. I didn't have the heart to insist that he put down the book and go to sleep! I suppose since my own Valentine's day hadn't been what I hoped, I was happy to help make his something to remember.

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