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Friday, February 24, 2012

Bike Ridin' Kid

It's been a very nice winter break -- BJ had the week off, and we decided to keep BB in preschool for her usual T/Th schedule, so I got some really nice one-on-one time with him. That happens rarely these days!

Yesterday, the two of us spent most of the day together at home. We read together for a while, played "his" version of the Launch Pad game he gave as a birthday gift to S, and just hung out and relaxed. He played some computer games on Kids Astronomy while I practiced guitar for a bit. I was making a conscious effort to let him guide our time together, and he seemed to enjoy that very much. I should do that more often.

During the afternoon, he decided he wanted to work on riding his bike. After he successfully coasted without his pedals for quite a distance, he decided he wanted to put the pedals on. I did that for him, gave him a bit of a boost to get started, and it was like everything clicked!

I missed getting the very first one on video, but here he is right after, pretty danged proud of himself.


And here's the next try:


So exciting for him! Great job, BJ!

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