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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Catching Up -- BJ's School Play

Playing catch up with the posts that didn't happen while we were dealing with the household contagion -- BJ's school play happened while my parents were in town, and he did a great job with all the performances! (Thanks, Dad, for the fantastic picture!) The play was "My Son Pinocchio," and BJ was part of the pre-show. He remembered his lines, did the singing with a smile, mostly (they performed " Somebody Come and Play" and "You've Got A Friend in Me") and did a very good job with the dancing. Here he is with his dance partner, E:
They ask for no photos or videos during the performance, so I don't have those to share (we'll have them later thanks to the professional ones that are taken by the school). But here we are waiting for the performance to begin! Thankfully, we all managed to be healthy enough to go to the last performance.

Good job, BJ!

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