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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good News; Bad News

It's been a rough week -- just as BJ was getting over the crud that had him home from school almost all last week, BB started showing symptoms. She's been down with fever and cough since Tuesday, poor boo. 102.6 yesterday! Down to 100 today, but still feeling really yucky. Sigh.

Thank goodness my parents are here visiting and able to help out! With S teaching 3 classes this quarter, it's pretty crazy around here at the moment. I don't know what we would have done without them! (Well, I do -- either S would have had to stay home, or I would have been scrambling at the last minute for a substitute for my classroom hours on Tuesday; Wednesday would have been really challenging with getting BJ to his play rehearsal and field trip; this morning I'd have to be on the phone trying to line up somebody to fill in for me in the box office after school to sell play tickets!) I wish they weren't having to spend their precious visit time in what my mom has taken to calling "Ward X" (and with all the coughing and hacking around here, she has a point!) -- right now I'm just praying this nasty cold doesn't get them next....

The good news is that BJ was well enough to make it to the opening of his play last weekend! He was still feeling a little puny, but his fever had been gone for a full day and he managed not to cough while he was on stage. He was pretty danged cute in his teddy bear costume.

He was so happy to be able to be there. We got there a little early so that his drama teacher could take him on stage ahead of time to review things with him. So kind of her. He remembered his lines, smiled through most of the performance, and had a good time. Can't ask for more than that!

The last two performances are this weekend. It will be really fun to have my parents there to see them as well. Sure hope BB is well enough to join us by then!

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tierramor said...

Ack! The cuteness! Eet keels mee!