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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday S -- The Big Four Oh!

Hard to believe, but my darling S turns 40 years old today -- Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

(Perhaps even harder to believe: we've been together for half that time! We don't have an official "first date" anniversary, but we fell for each other about this time of the year, 20 years ago. Wow.)

S had insisted he didn't want his birthday to be a big deal, and I took him at his word, but of course we wanted to recognize the day at least a little bit. In his usual flexible style, S decided to celebrate most of his birthday yesterday, since that would be easiest for the family. He didn't have to teach class, thanks to the holiday, and we didn't have kids' classes to worry about in the evening as we do on Tuesdays. During the day, we went for a very gentle "hike" over at Baylands park.
BB was enchanted by the ladybug she found:

After the walk, the kids played a bit at the playground, which is always fun.
As we were leaving, we got to see an enormous blue heron. Very cool!
In the evening, we went to Buco di Beppo for dinner.

S was very good natured about the fact that I'd told the it was his birthday -- though we probably wouldn't have been able to keep it a secret for long even if I hadn't, since as soon as we got there BB said to the waitress: "I have a question... are you going to sing to my dad?"

(Yes, of course! But I'll be good and not post the video I took of them singing to him.)

On his "actual birthday," S took some time for himself to go wander the used bookstores and Rasputin music, always a favorite past time. He opened his gifts in the evening. Dreamblade miniatures from BB:

A new game from BJ, called Launch Pad. (The kids picked out their gifts to him, with a little help and guidance.)

I gave him the new Gillian Welch CD, and the 3rd and final episodes of The Tudors on DVD, along with the promise I'd watch them with him.

Ice cream cake for dessert! He asked if we could do a candle per decade, instead of a blazing 40.

Hope you had a great day, my dear! When I look at you, I still see that blond 20 year old California guy. Here's to more decades to come!

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