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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meeting Up with other South Bay SF Etsy Folks!

Today I managed to escape the Family Plague Ship for a few hours this morning to meet up with some other SF Etsy folks at TechShop San Jose! (Big thanks to S for watching the boy while he was home sick again from school.)

It was so nice to meet other crafty, creative folks! Always energizing, and especially so when I'd been cooped up with sick kids for several days. (Did I mention how much I appreciate that S was able to be home in the morning so that I could go???)

Here we all are:

From left to right:

Valerie of Valerie Preston Jewelry
Ilana of The Golden Gear
Devika of Devika's Art
Kathryn of Splendid Colors
Ruhi of Live Decor
Kate of This Charming Candy
Jen (yours truly!) of Mama's Magic Studio
Suhita of Sketch Away

I don't want to be overly dramatic, but it's possible that this meeting could lead to some wonderful things for me. I've long dreamed of working seriously on art quilts, but I've been hampered by the lack of space in my "studio" (the corner of the bedroom) and also by the capabilities of my Janome sewing machine (which is a decent little machine and has done me well, but it's not really up to major quilting on a large scale). Every time I go someplace like Fab Mo, I start dreaming about the upcycled art I could make. But I've told myself to stay serious, keep it under control, put back that huge stack of velvet and brocade, it wasn't possible, maybe someday but not now...

Well, someday might be sooner than I thought. It turns out that Tech Shop San Jose has a gorgeous long arm quilting machine!

Next year, when BB heads to kindergarten, I could take classes to learn how to use this baby!

(Am I excited? Let's just say you should have heard that squee of joy when I saw this beautiful machine. It's bigger than my living room! And it's ten minutes away from my apartment! And I could use it if I were a Tech Shop member!!!)

Tech Shop is full of creative goodness and amazing supplies, tools, machines -- and from what I hear, talented and helpful teachers to let you learn how to do it all. Here's their Bin Wall of supplies for members:

They have a woodworking shop, a metalshop, a 3D printer... all sorts of amazing things.
If you're interested in more, you can check out the rest of the pics I took here on Flickr.

Now I'm seriously scheming for what impact this might have on next year's plans. Stay tuned!

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