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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Leprechaun Traps

We aren't real big on St. Patty's day around here -- not surprising, perhaps, since we're neither Irish (though if inclined, I could make a case for some dilute Irish blood in my ancestry) nor big consumers of alcoholic beverages. But the kids had fun anticipating the holiday and doing a bit to mark the day. They both insisted on wearing green and looking for leprechauns.

(When BJ was despairing of seeing any evidence of leprechaun mischief yesterday, I had a little Mommy fun by adding green food coloring into the toilet water. They loved it.)

Earlier this week, they decided to set up leprechaun traps. BB's involved paper "gold" coins that she'd cut out, long stalks from the foliage around the patio, two big rocks, a stick, and several pieces of paper taped together.

Attempt number one to assemble the trap:

(I tried to give her a helpful tip: scotch tape doesn't stick to stucco all that well. She insisted she wanted to figure it out All By Herself.)

The final trap (reconfigured after realizing that scotch tape was indeed insufficient for the original design):

I still don't understand how this was supposed to lure in the unsuspecting leprechaun, but she seemed pleased with the result, so I wasn't going to quibble about details.

BJ's approach relied more on chalk and guile. (AKA outright lies and deception; those gullible leprechauns would surely believe the words of a six-almost-seven-year-old, right?)

He started out with a soccer ball. (Don't ask me why.)
Add in some intriguing chalk arrows.... Then some suggestions....

Clim (b) up here (into the bushes, I suppose)
(It always helps to catch crafty mythological creatures if you explain any unclear parts of the plan: it seems that long chalk line is a rope.)
"Clim(b) up here -- If you walk the rope you will get..."
(Appealing to their known avaricious nature of leprechauns -- good plan!)

Gold! Here! Now that's sure to bring in the leprechauns! And just in case it isn't 100% clear, add more arrows.

I have to say I chuckle to think what the resident college kids must have thought when seeing the chalk remnants on the sidewalk. They lingered for most of the week, until the recent driving rains. No signs of leprechaun life, though. (Unless you count the green toilet water! And today, when asked point blank if I'd done it, I fessed up that it was indeed my doing, and not leftover leprechaun pee. Still fun, though! Hope your St. Patrick's Day was equally entertaining.)

1 comment:

tierramor said...

Sooo cute! 'Clim up here' - adorable!