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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lucky 7 Year Old!

BJ turns seven today. (I'll spare you my cliched maternal astonishment over this fact and just repeat: SEVEN!!???!!!)

The tooth fairy visited him for the fourth time last night. She left seven coins (and two fairy kisses, one for each kid; his kiss is on the other side of the note that was left with his coins).

Seven years old and four adult teeth grown up. So he is sporting a double gap-toothed smile today, one on the top in the middle and the other (the latest one) off to the side on the bottom. You can see both missing teeth is the pic above, as he excitedly eyes his birthday cake. (We got smart and did a small ice cream cake, since it was just the four of us.)

We started off the day with opening gifts, much to his delight. While we were waiting for S to wake up, I told BJ he could have a little iPad time. Guess who got all excited because I'd put Angry Birds Space on the device? (Hint: not me or BB.)

The other gifts went over very well also, but I don't think anything got that same super-excited smile. The boy loves his Angry Birds. (And put them in outer space? Could it be any closer to his specific interest set???)

He especially liked the geodes and crystal growing set from Giki and Pop-Pop. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

He'd opened the Angry Birds set from my folks earlier this week, when it arrived in the mail. They were definitely a hit:

We gave him the Angry Birds board game, too. (Yep, there's a theme here.)

And a cardboard color your own rocket ship. Cool!

(He'd opened the other gifts from family earlier in the week as well, and I didn't manage to get good pictures. Mom fail! Oops! But thanks, everybody, for the generous and thoughtful gifts!)

BJ had said some time ago that he didn't want to have a birthday party this year -- he wanted to visit the California Academy of Sciences. We'd originally planned to visit on Friday, when there was a school inservice day, but one of our on-the-ball friends (who also happened to be planning a visit on Friday) informed us on Thursday night that the museum would be closing at 12:30 on Friday! Disaster averted and plan B goes into effect: we will visit on BJ's Actual Birthday! Guess 7 really is lucky, because we sure got lucky in this case!

We told him he could bring one friend, and it wasn't surprising that he chose H, his "best friend." H is a super-sweet girl that has been his friend since kindergarten -- it was at the end of last year that he declared her his "best friend," and the label has stuck this year. She was a lovely addition to our family trip, and it meant to much to him that she was able to be there.

No visit to the Academy is complete without checking out the dinosaur skeleton! (Too bad I didn't get much of it in the frame!)

The rainforest was once again a huge highlight, especially the butterflies.

You know it's friendship when you'll share your butterfly! This one showed us what a "social butterfly" is all about, visiting from kid to kid!
We ran into our friends who had alerted us to the Friday closure and joined them for lunch and the planetarium show. Afterwards, we hung out by the pendulum for a bit. (BB and S had the patience to watch it until one of the pegs got knocked over. Drama!) Here are BJ, H, and friend J hanging out (literally).

We'd thought we might stay until the museum closed, but about 3:30 the kids started running out of gas. We finished our checklist of things we wanted to see -- the diver in the coral reef, the penguins -- and headed home. Rainbows on our drive home were a nice touch to a nice day (which had started out with furious rainstorms on the drive up to the city):
Happy birthday to my sweet, lucky 7 year old boy. Seven years ago, your arrival changed everything -- breaking the white light of my life into a dazzling array of colors. I wouldn't have it any other way.

1 comment:

giki said...

Lucky us for having Benji in our family! I love that wide gap smile. Sounds like he had a great birthday. Wish we could have been there to help him celebrate.

Happy New Year, Benji!!


Love, Giki And PopPop