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Saturday, March 10, 2012


It's such fun to see BB working on her reading, handwriting, and spelling! She's starting to recognize words. For some time now, she's been able to read and write her name and her brother's name. This week when we were reading Kevin Henkes' Julius the Baby of the World, she repeatedly pointed out, "Mom! That says 'Julius'!" And she was right!

So interesting to see the different ways that kids learn. BJ picked up reading first and early, and writing came much later. BB has been working on the writing, with lots of perseverance. She enjoys asking us to spell out words for her so that she can write them. Earlier this week, she had been asking me how to spell names of people in the family, and then she presented me with this:

Yes, I'm "NON" when she writes it out. Still working on that M/N distinction -- she'll ask me, "Mom, which one has two mountains? M or N?" Love it.


tierramor said...

So cute! Who is Eela?

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Eela would be our cousin Bella -- I was calling the spelling from the next room, and I think she mis-heard :-)