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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Science Fair

Yesterday was the Science Fair for BJ's school, and it came at the end of an interesting day. After being laid up for several days, I managed to get mobile enough to fulfill my volunteer obligation to drive for his field trip (a class visit to Pizza My Heart that went very well -- alas, I forgot my camera to snag some pics). But even though he enjoyed the field trip, he wasn't at his best.

The night before, he'd come out of the bathtub complaining about a sore neck, and in the morning, he was still complaining. I'd told him that we'd see where things were after the field trip, and he said it was still hurting, so we went in for an urgent care appointment. Turns out he strained a muscle in his neck and it had spasmed. The pediatrician sent him home with a cervical collar and instructions to take it easy.

What a sight we were, me hobbling along with my sore back and him in his collar. It sure got him some attention at the science fair in the evening! His project about keeping apple slices from turning brown went over very well. Here he is talking about the project with his teacher from last year.

By this morning, he was back to his normal self and feeling just fine. I hope I can say the same again soon!

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