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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Seven Months Later... BJ Adopts His Whale!

It took a lot of perseverance -- but this week BJ finally met his fundraising goal for his whale adoption project! Here he is, coutning up all the monies to make sure he had enough.

He's been saving his allowance for months, a dollar a week at a time, adding that to the initial funds he raised through his lemonade stand and some help from his kindergarten teacher (who donated $10 and let him do odd jobs in the classroom for a little extra cash) -- add in a final $10 donation from his wonderful Tia M, and he finally made it to $125! That's a lot for a six (almost seven) year old kid!

Now he's all set to adopt Shackleton the whale. I went to do it online, and it looked like they needed to put it in my name with the online form, so I'm contacting them directly to see if we can have it put in his name. After all, he's the one who had the idea and stuck to the project for all this time! So proud of my kid!

(He'd originally hoped to make it to $250, but considering that he's stuck to this for seven months now and only gotten halfway, he decided he'd settle for the second-highest adoption level. Good call, I think.)


tierramor said...

Perfect t-shirt slogan for the occasion. What made him choose Shackleton out of all the other whales?

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

good question! Shackleton is known for having traveled up the Delaware river and since he's actually seen that river, I think he found the connection appealing. Plus he liked the name.

tierramor said...

It is a good name. Do these whales go to the Antarctic / is there any connection with Ernest Shackleton?