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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sigh. Oh My.

Last week was one of those weeks. Nightmares and Pinkeye and Headaches. Oh My. (I think I would have preferred Lions and Tigers and Bears.) The whole week has been a blur. BB got totally spooked by a nightmare about "being in a bathtub with a big black widow spider on my chest" and was up most of the night (and worried about nightmares for most of the week). This made the rest of the week very challenging and entirely shot the next day which was supposed to be a studio day for me -- I ended up having to take a survival nap for most of the hours that I was going to (finally) work. Dang but sleep affects EVERYTHING. Add in sleep deprivation headaches and what was apparently BB's first headache yesterday. And for the first time, BJ did not want to go to school on Friday, because he Really Did NOT want to participate in the field trip -- to the ballet. (My feminist heart broke a bit at that... Of course I took it for as much of a teachable moment as I could without getting dogmatic. Turns out the trip was not as bad as he feared it would be. But still. Sigh.)

And to top it off, yesterday morning I woke up with pinkeye.

Wish I had a do-over for the week! Thank goodness for antibiotics and naps. Here's to next week being much better!

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