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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Still Here

Sorry for the infrequent posts recently -- I'm still here, and all's well, but the blog bug has definitely been on vacation, not nibbling at me the way it usually does. I've just been plugging along with the usual good stuff: volunteering in BJ's classroom, doing the typical errands, taking BB to the park for a playdate with her preschool pals, keeping the household running more-or-less smoothly... My pinkeye is getting better, though still annoying. Generally, the days have been zooming by without a whole lot to report at the end of them, so that cuts down on the motivation to blog. Hence the lack of posts!

Maybe I need to wear my new t-shirt more often, the one I just couldn't resist getting from Willo, one of my SF Etsy teammates. It says "You Would Blog Too If It Happened To You" and I'd post a link, but turns out Etsy is down at the moment! (Of course it is -- Murphy's Law -- this morning is the time I'd FINALLY set aside to work on Etsy listings!) So I figured I should do at least a brief update while I wait for things to come back up.

To keep this from being a thoroughly boring entry, I leave you with a pic of cute kittens giving me nap therapy:

Now if only my days were less full so that I could get in more regular sessions with the little fuzzballs! I doubt it would make for more interesting blogging, but it would be good for the soul. And given the choice, I'll take the soul improvement -- every time.


Angela said...

Cat therapy sounds lovely:)

tierramor said...

Soo shiny and lovely!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Yes, it truly is lovely. Nothing quite like cat therapy!!!