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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Big Kitties

It's official: we no longer have wee kittens. They have both grown so much since they became part of our family four months ago!

They've gone from this:
Snuggly sweeties napping in their favorite spot
 To this:

Hey, can you get this big guy to scootch over? Kinda crowded up here.

They still love the top shelf of the cat condo and hang out there much of the time. But it isn't quite the roomy fit that it once was. They have certainly grown!

They are archetypally curious cats. Very little escapes their notice. They have decided that my work space is fascinating. (Well it is! Wires and beads to bat around, fabric to hide in, thread to tangle, mom's busy hands to bat at... a cat's paradise!)

Earlier this week, I set up my "light box" (very DIY repurposed diaper wipes box) and they had to check it out.

This would be one reason I'm not getting as much work done as I might...

It used to be that I could just move something up if I didn't want the cats to get into it. I've had enough experience with childproofing over the past 7 years that this was almost second-nature. But I was working with an outmoded paradigm -- our elderly cats were not much for jumping, so moving something up would both child-proof and cat-proof it. Well, these guys are full-on leapers. They can now get to every high place in the house. Including the shelf above the front door:

This means that every open area in the house is fair game for cat exploration. You can imagine what the cabinets and closets are starting to look like. (They haven't figured out how to open up doors. Yet.)

Shelly is the more skillful and adventurous climber and jumper. She has been the first to figure out how to access all these tempting spots. Stormy will be on the floor, watching her get up there and meowing at her as if to say, "How did you do that?" He eventually figures it out for himself, but he's more likely to knock stuff down in the process. This has led to a sharp increase in number of messes that I have to clean up lately. (At least those glass bottles have long been glued to the shelf with earthquake putty, so they aren't going anywhere.)

But for all the annoyance factor of kitties testing gravity and exploring everywhere, they are awfully sweet and we adore them.

Bath time!
Hey, do you mind? You interrupted our bath time.

We have a running joke that Stormy's tongue is too long to fit in his mouth. He often sticks out just the tip, as though he's tasting the world.

Ok, this is more than just the tip of his tongue, but still pretty cute.

They have, predictably, obtained many nicknames. Shelly is: Speckle (for the random spots that have appeared in her coat), Shelly-Belly, Shelly-Welly, Little Miss Mischief, and Ramona (after the mischievous character of the Beverly Cleary books that are among Benji's favorites right now). Stormy is: Picky-Picky (Ramona's cat), Bat Head, Stormy-Wormy, Stripes (for the stripes in his undercoat), and Leroy (because it suits him).

And don't get me started on the turf war that under way in the kitchen. We're attempting to train the cats to stay off the counter tops. Excuse me while I go get Shelly down. Again.


tierramor said...

They are so enormous and shiny and pretty!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

and they know it, too! Love it.

What is it about me and grey cats, hmmm? :-)