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Monday, April 23, 2012

Filoli with Auntie L

BB and I had a lovely outing with Auntie L on Saturday. We spent the morning at Filoli Gardens-- very appropriate for Earth Day weekend, don't you think?
 The wisteria was fabulous. There were pansies in pots almost everywhere. (Mom, you would have loved it! And every time we saw pansies, BB mentioned that they were your favorite flower.)

 The gardens are really stunning. It was the first time we'd been (L is a member) and though I'd heard it was very pretty, you really have to see it to believe it. Reminded me a lot of Longwood Gardens, of which I have very fond memories from my childhood visits. (Wonder if Filoli does any holiday lighting or displays? Will have to check that out -- definitely one of my favorite things about Longwood!)
 The tulips were in glorious bloom. BB was very impressed.
 The irises looked beautiful too! (My favorite flower, so I'm partial.)
 BB loved the little garden house where they had a bird cage.
 The house was magnificent, too! I didn't take many pics inside, because by that time BB was getting a little tired.

 She liked the ballroom, though, and wanted to pose with Auntie L next to the enormous fireplace.
 I loved the library, myself!
 And I just had to get a picture of this amazing needlepoint screen. It is as tall as a person (hard to tell from the photograph) and really stunning.
It is in a Louis XIV gilt frame, and the needlepoint is courtesy of the "Tuesday Stitchers" of the San Mateo County Assistance League, dated from 1982.

I'm definitely looking forward to going back to Filoli sometime soon!

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