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Monday, April 23, 2012

Five Rough Weeks

We've definitely hit a rough patch over here -- as evidenced, among other things, by my infrequent posts at the blog. Five weeks ago yesterday, I threw out my back, and while my back is doing much better now, it seems like it has been one thing and another ever since. Kids got sick, I got sick, seasonal allergies have been really bad... a few days ago my right shoulder started acting up... and I've just generally not felt like myself. Bleah!

While I'd gotten to feeling a bit better on Friday and Saturday, I went to bed at 8 p.m. last night, just dead tired and feeling strange. Low grade fever and feeling badly in my chest, mostly on the right side. I worried about it and hoped it would pass and decided to just try to sleep it off.  By this morning the fever was gone and I felt a little better but still not normal. S basically insisted that I call the Kaiser nurse line, and of course they said they wanted me to come in and be seen. 

After hearing about the chest pain and breathing difficulties I'd been having, my doctor ordered an EKG. (I love how easy it is at Kaiser: she ordered the test, I walked down the hall to have it done, and a short time later I was back in her room discussing the results with her.) Happily, it came back normal -- "just beautiful," she said, when she showed me the printout of the results. So that's a relief. It turns out I have a raging sinus infection, enlarged lymph nodes, fluid in my ears, and probably a pinched nerve in my shoulder. Double bleah.

As I was relating the unfortunate series of events during the past five weeks, I jokingly commented that I didn't know if it was all related or not, but figured I should give her all the details just in case. She said it's likely that the inflammation which resulted when my disc issues acted up also played havoc with my immunity, making it more likely that I'd get sick, and also making it more likely that I'd have trouble fighting things off. She noted a bunch of knots of muscle in my shoulder, which she said may well be pinching a nerve, which could explain the chest pain last night. She said it should resolve (time for a massage, methinks!) and sent me home with antibiotics.

Thank heavens for antibiotics. She said I should be feeling much better in 48 hours. I'm looking forward to that.

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