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Monday, April 16, 2012

Not Much of a Break

So that was spring break.... BJ was home all last week and returned to school today. I had all sorts of plans and hopes for how we'd spend our days. I find I really miss one-on-one time with my boy since he's gone to school. I wanted to let him choose some fun things to do -- maybe we'd do some reading, try out some of his new science kits, break out the microscope that he got for Christmas.

Unfortunately, since BB and I were sick with a nasty cold all week, none of these things happened. (That pic was taken last month during one of his furlough days from school --furloughs are a regrettable side-effect of the budgetary woes in California, but at least for one of those days we got good mom-and-kid time.) Between the pouring rain and the snorkiness that kept BB home from preschool, we didn't do much beyond just hang out and try to get through the days. Way more screen time than I would usually approve of, and more bickering than I like to see. Sigh.

Now he's back at school and BB and I are feeling better. (Though allergies seem to have hit, replacing the viral indignities with a non-contagious variation on the sniffle/cough theme.) It wasn't much of a break, and I have to say that I'm glad it's over.

Here's to health and a happier week to come!

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