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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Riding Around

Now that BB has gotten so good at riding her two wheeler (no training wheels, Mom!) we have some new daily habits. She loves to ride around campus, and in the past week we've gone out almost every morning that she's been home.
We've really been enjoying the lovely spring weather and exploring the campus. Good for me to be out walking, too -- definitely helping the back (which is much, much better, thanks, but not yet 100%).

BB also has her favorite spots to visit -- the fountain, the statues, the "window," and the flowers are most popular at the moment. I finally remembered to bring along the camera so I could get some pics! Here she is in the "window," enjoying the view (and the climb up):

We always visit the pansies and think of Giki!
We finally got her a new helmet, since she'd outgrown the old one (it had to really be jammed on her head to get it on; no fun) and it's pretty clear she's also ready for a new bike. Though for the time being, she's zipping along just fine!

1 comment:

tierramor said...

She's so big! Love her sunny smile! Hope you are all feeling better and that we can hang out soon!