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Friday, May 18, 2012

Another Week!

Another full week over here, and now it's gone -- zoom! Busy days, busy hands (and paws!) -- lots of fun.

BB has been asking and asking about prettying up the containers on our patio, so we took some time to visit the nursery and plant some flowers in the patio garden.  She was delighted.
We've also been enjoying picnic lunches in the lawn outside our apartment. The weather has been gorgeous!

We visited the pet store for more food for the cats and got them a new toy for their cat condo. They LOVE it.
Go Shelly! She's so fierce!
The cats are pretty good at sharing, too.
The cats continue to be a source of great entertainment as well as some annoyances. They are into everything! I've declared an escalation in the counter top wars and have armed myself with a water spray bottle (since the water pistol kept leaking). We'll see if they learn to stay down....

BJ's latest interest: the Magic Tree House series of books. He's nuts about all things Jack and Annie. He discovered that they have a website, and he's been enjoying creating his own tree house. In typical BJ style, after he does something on the computer, he likes to draw a rendition of it. He gave me my own aquarium, based on the one in his tree house. Too cute.
My own aquarium for my own "magic tree house" -- courtesy of BJ. I think I got a red notebook too (on the left) and the purple shape on the right has significance as well. I'm just not quite sure what it is.

Summer is definitely on the way, and we've been counting down the days of school. BB has only 4 days of preschool left! And BJ has only 8 days left in first grade. Hard to believe!

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