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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In the Studio

Mother's Day is typically when I'm most busy in Mama's Magic Studio, working on my Handmade Magic -- especially the bird's nest designs. I love making family jewelry! This year, I was delighted to trade a custom family nest for the photography services of my good friend, Jill. It was such fun to hang out with her, do my creative thing, and get some nice studio pics in the process!
Each nest takes at least five feet of wire! I string the pearls to the center and start weaving....

Quality control courtesy of resident feline, Stormy. (At least he's learning that the wire isn't a toy! His sister, Shelly, is still figuring that out and is often banished from the studio these days.)

All the nest weaving is done by hand, mostly without tools.

Each one ends up a little different!

Jill liked how I was wearing my own family nest (two eggs for my two kidlets!) and making one at the same time.

One nest finished!
We took a bunch more pics, and I'm really looking forward to using them in some of my Etsy listings and on my website (improving the site is one of my big summer projects.) I love having talented, creative friends -- thanks for the lovely morning, Jill!

All photos in this post by Jill Bernhardt.

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