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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Out and About

We've been busy with the usual stuff, plus a few extras. Over the weekend, S took BJ along on a campus field trip to the local Egyptian museum. During the outing, BJ and S played an ancient board game which was set up on the museum grounds -- BJ was happy to win!

Here's one difference between outings with Dad and outings with Mom: Mom takes more pics. (Hey, I was just impressed that S remembered to bring the camera!)

BB and I had a very nice time at a park play date with her good friend M this week. We met at one of the kids' favorite local parks. They like climbing on the exercise equipment here.

The "slide" also works well as a pitching mound, apparently...

 It was very cute how M invited BB to join him in a game of baseball.

 Of course, M wanted his turn at bat. BB wasn't quite as experienced a pitcher as he, though she was game to give it a go.

 Whoops! Try that pitch again!
I love this pic of them going down the real slide.

BB in front, M in middle, M's younger brother C in back. The expressions and actions perfectly capture the dynamics of our morning. Just perfect.

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